Meet Momma Mae

Meet Momma Mae


Surrender History: Location Visalia CA

Momma Mae was brought into the shelter as a VERY pregnant, malnourished “stray” in January 2022. It was suspected upon intake that she had been bred her whole life and because of her age, this pregnancy wasn’t as easy as the rest. With puppy number 6 getting stuck in the birthing process, Momma Mae was rushed in for an emergency cesarean

These suspicions were confirmed when the puppies were DNA tested and their breedwas found to be the following:

36% American Pit Bull Terrier

14% Staffordshire Bull Terrier

50% German Shepherd

From these results we are able to determine that Momma Mae was purposefully bred with a purebred shepherd. We are also able to determine that her genetic make up is 75% APBT and 25% Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

Medical History

Her joints are a bit stiff due to her age but aside from her cesarean, Mae has no known medical conditions.


Momma Mae is the definition of a potato. She does really well with dogs that are low energy and leave her be. She would spend all day snuggled up on a fluffy bed, or sun bathing. It takes her a bit to open up to strangers, we assume she was abused by a man as she does take longer to open up to males. She is great at giving social cues when her space is being questioned. She LOVES kids and going for walks.

Momma Mae would do best in a home that understands she has a lot of years to makeup for in a short amount of time. A home that is going to give her all the love and care that was taken away from her for 10+ years. Mae should not be around cats unsupervised. She is known to find them VERY interesting if they run from her.

Mae has a lot of love to give in her time left on this earth! Please consider opening your heart and home to her! (Foster to adopt if you're within the state of CA as an option too!)

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