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Lunchbox Notecards

Lunchbox Notecards

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Add On Set #1

I Love You

With All My Fart


Lunchbox Notecards are approximately 3.25” x 2.75”in size and have quotes/sayings that may make you laugh, feel warm and fuzzy inside or present an opportunity for personal reflection, printed on them. 

Full Set Includes

48 Cards

Wood Card Holder

Add On Set Includes

24 Cards

(each set of cards has their own unique quotes!)


Place Lunchbox Note Cards on the dining room table as conversation starters, bedside for late night reads, or you can slip one into the jacket pocket of someone you care about (or in a lunchbox as your special hooman heads off to a private tooter! (See what I did there))

Lunchbox Notecards are printed on recycled card stock, they are heavier in weight giving them a unique feel that adds a creative touch to the entire set  

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