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The FART Trio: Flair Pins with a Purpose

The FART Trio: Flair Pins with a Purpose

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This set of three unique soft enamel/die struck lapel pins is a must-have for any animal lover and/or supporter of our small rescue, FART. Wear them together to showcase your dedication to animal rescue and spread awareness for our important cause!

(Each set contains 3 pins, as of now purchase of individual lapel pins is not available)



"The Classic FART" Lapel Pin

This 1.25" lapel pin features the original FART logo, symbolizing our commitment to fostering, adopting, rescuing, and transporting animals in need. Made with antique bronze plating, this pin exudes a vintage charm and showcases your support for our non-profit rescue organization.



"Mean Kitty Middle Fingers Up" Lapel Pin

Add a touch of attitude to your pin collection with our edgy 1” Mean Kitty Middle Fingers Up lapel pin. Crafted with antique bronze plating, this pin is a bold statement piece that embodies the fierce spirit of rescue animals everywhere.



"Smol Happy FART Cloud" Lapel Pin

Spread positivity and joy with our .75” Smol Happy FART Cloud lapel pin, designed to bring a smile to your face and others'. Featuring black metal plating, this pin captures the whimsical essence of our mission to provide love and care to animals through FART foster adopt rescue transport.


Packaging Disclaimer 

Our packaging is a unique reflection of our commitment to sustainability and our connection to the Central Valley of California, the raisin capital of the world. Paper raisin trays are used to dry grapes and we have incorporated these recycled materials into our packaging to reduce waste and give new life to these discarded resources.


Each lapel pin set is packaged using the paper raisin trays that once held precious grapes in their drying process. These trays bring a piece of local history and tradition to our packaging, creating a special connection to our roots and the land we call home.

As a result of using these recycled materials, you may notice imperfections in our packaging - a little dirt, dog hair, or signs of wear and tear. These imperfections are a reminder of the journey these materials have been on.


Thank you for joining us on this unique and meaningful journey!


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